Julie Gurwell, Favorite Local Restaurant Owner in Ashland 2017

Favorite Local Restaurant Owner – Julie Gurwell

Back in 1970, there were about four restaurants in Ashland. Now there’s something like a hundred! What exactly happened? It’s pretty simple. The Angus Bowmer Theater was constructed and it turned the Oregon Shakespeare Festival into a world-class operation, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors and rejuvenating the restaurant and nightlife scene in Ashland. We should count ourselves lucky.

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Hearsay’s menu is comfort food with a modern twist

Hearsay’s menu is designed to take you back to the era of comfort food—with a modern twist. We feature a wild mushroom pot pie with a flaky crust; fire-roasted corn on the cob; charred Brussels sprouts with bacon (a favorite among patrons), and much more, including dishes inspired by major culinary regions around the world.

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