Hearsay Craft Cocktails

At Hearsay we believe in the power of the cocktail. Fresh seasonal ingredients resonate through Hearsay and into the bar. We believe in the classics as well as twists on the timeless beverages of the past.

The Psychic Still Lies
Hendricks gin | house nettle-ginger-cucumber cordial | honey |
white wine | green Chartreuse rinse

3-Headed Jaguar
Casamigos reposado tequila | acid-adjusted pineapple juice |
 sweet corn orgeat | lemon verbena tincture | rose water 15

La Gloria
Pelotón de la Muerte mezcal | lemon juice | strawberry peppercorn shrub |
 butter-washed Cynar | demerara 15

In Limbo
Havana Club white rum | Appleton Estate twelve-year rum |
 calamansi | coconut cream | Fresno pepper | cardamom 15

Love in the Mist
Freeland bourbon | ginger | mint | elderberry | lime juice |
 absinthe rinse 15

Hibiscus Old Fashioned
Evan Williams white label bourbon | blackberry | hibiscus |
orange bitters 15

Virginia’s Old Fashioned
Rittenhouse rye whiskey | demerara syrup | Angostura bitters 12

Cocktail Special of the Week
Ask your server or bartender about this week’s featured cocktail 15

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*Consuming raw eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.